Jarmo Julkunen


Over the last ten years my passion has been the Ukulele! 

I've been lucky to get to play this instrument in concerts all over the world: Europe, Japan, China, the USA. Also you can hear me playing on Universal Music Group's production music recordings, various international television productions, movies, in TV-commercials and in globally known mobile games like Angry Birds.

Nothing is more beautiful than a ukulele, except, possibly two.


As a performing artist I've wanted to expand the repertoire for Ukulele and raise the profile of this lovely instrument trough collaboration with many contemporary music composers. I've  premiered Ukulele music as a soloist of Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Avanti Chamber Orchestra, The Lahti Symphony Orchestra, the UMO Jazz Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra’s (LSO) string quartet.


My first Ukulele book in Finnish "Ystävämme ukulele - opas edistyneille" (Advanced Player's Guide) was published in January 2021 (Aviador Publishing).



Without The Ukulele, Life Would Be A Mistake.





...said Chopin never.

...Said Friedrich Nietzsche never.