Jarmo Julkunen




My first Ukulele book in Finnish "Ystävämme ukulele - opas edistyneille" (Advanced Player's Guide) was published in January 2021 (Aviador Publishing).




The Most Beautiful Early Music Christmas Carols For Ukulele And Recorder

was published in 2020 (Aviador Publishing).



My solo album Ukulele Alakulo was released in 2017. You can listen to it on Spotify, YouTube or other common streaming platforms.




Example page from the book

Sheet music example "Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her" and promotional video of the book.

Two examples from the book

Playing Ukuleles on Universal Music's "Nordic Sountracks 1" collection.






Playing Ukulele on Universal Music's "Fun & Folky Various Artists" collection.






I play ukuleles on several globally known mobile, console and computer games. One of the funniest ones is absolutely Angry Birds Match!